Underground systems


The Field 230volt/24 Volt electric machanical system

The Field
Available in 3 versions: standard,Swing Gates fast and 24Vdc for high intensity usage; the Field incorporates adjustable mechanical stops as standard in both opening and closing. With robust solid metal components and an oil filled gear box for continuous lubrication, it offers strength and reliability beyond that of most similar operators. The field is capable of handling a leaf length of up to 4000mm and maximum leaf weight of 800kg.

It has sensitive and adjustable electronic current sensing that ensures safety levels to meet your requirements and is compatible with all of the range of SEA accessories.

The Field motor will also fit into the foundation box of some alternative manufacturers, allowing you to upgrade an existing system without the cost of a complete new installation.

Compact 230volt hydraulic system

Hydraulic underground operator for residential and commercial use.
Compact 200 - max leaf width 2.0 m. weight 200 Kg. rotation 100
Compact 400 - max leaf width 4.0 m. weight 400 Kg. rotation 140
Compact 800 - max leaf width 4.0 m. weight 800 Kg. rotation 180
Underground Swing Gates

SEA TOTAL QUALITY: All main components are manufactured and tested
in-house, ensuring the highest engineering standards.
The electric motor and all operational components sit in an oil filled bath
providing continuous lubrication and rapid cooling of all moving parts.
Robust internal physical stops available, replacing the need for ground stops.
Adjustable electronic slow down at end of travel for a smooth and quiet
system of automation.
Stainless steel gate support box.

Key 24volt Underground system

24 Vdc underground electromechanical irreversible gear motor for swing gates with leaves up to 3 mtrs.

With both opening and closing limit switch of series 24 Vdc motor with encoder to provide big safety in the obstacle detection. New cataphoresis housing box. With the possibility of speed and slowdown regulation. Possibility to choose between 1.5 m and 10 m cable motor. Compatible with new 24Vdc control unit 14A. Compatible with new 230Vac
control unit CT202.



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