Mechanical operators


Surf Electromachanical 230 volts or 24 volts
Surf 24/240 volts operator


THE SURF is an Electromechanical operator and comes in irreversible 230V and 24V options. A secure hinged key lock system provides security for the manual release. Adjustable mechanical open and closed stops available. Electronic and mechanical stops are included on the 350 version and optional on the 250 version. Single leaf pedestrian option and automatic closing functions provided as standard. Black finish as standard - optional grey case are available.

*230V worm drive motor
*Self-learning working time
*Optional battery back-up in case of power failure

THE ELECTROMECHANICAL range has been designed for all typologies of automatic closing operators for linear swing gates, underground swing gates, garage doors and automatic barriers.

Flipper 24volt Crank Arm Gate Kit
Flipper 24volt crank arm system


The Flipper is a low voltage crank arm operator, designed for ease of installation onto existing domestic gates. It is capable of handling gate leaves up to 200 kg in weight and 2500 mm in length. The control panel is fitted inside the main motor casing and in-built open and closed stops allow it to be rapidly fitted, making the installation speedy and cost effective.

The 24 V Flipper control panel provides high speed, mid range speed and an automatic slow down facility at the end of travel, resulting in gates that are smooth, quiet and fast. Current sensing is utilised to make the flipper one of the safest operators available.

Key Ray Electromechanical 24volts
The Ray 24volt system

Electromechanical gear motor for swing gates with leaves up to 2,5m 24 Vdc

Built in LED light in the frontal part of motor body to light up gate entrance and define width of the passage at night. High technological materials resistant to weather conditions. Extremely silent mechanics protected by robust die-casted and power-coated aluminum body UV-resistant plastic covers. Alligned front and rear mounting brackets to ease motors installation. Manual unlock possible with Sub transmitter. Easy and very user friendly

Key Star 200

Electromechanical irreversible gear motor for swing gates with leaves up to 2 m, 24 Vdc

Encoder available for maximum safety in the obstacle detection. Easy slowdown and open limit settings. Mechanical parts well protected from external agents. Available on kit version. Compatible with new control unit 14A.

Eclipse Courtsey Light

Led flashing and courtesy light for the Ray and Star motors

New generation Led flashing light made of high-technological materials molded with bi-injection process. Multiple positioning both horizontally and vertically. Flashing light + courtesy light. Flashing light with blinking amber color LED light when automation is activated. Courtesy light: fixed white led light commanded by an internal crepuscolar sensor. Courtesy light is automatically activated indipendently from the automation (with 14A control board). Integrated antenna with radio board.


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