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Securing your property with a fence and gate is a fantastic idea if you want the best security. However, how can you let in visitors if they can't get past the gate? An intercom system solves this problem, allowing people to call up to your property when they arrive outside your gate. They can also be useful to have directly outside your property so that people can call up to different rooms or flats. When you're looking for intercom systems in Buckinghamshire, Savage Engineer Ltd is here to offer you a number of options. We have intercom systems suitable for a variety or properties and needs.

Benefits of an Intercom System

An intercom system might be what you need in the next step to secure your home or neighbourhood. If you have installed a security gate, an intercom system allows people who approach the gate to request access. Uses the intercom system, you can speak to any visitors, and even see them if you choose a video intercom. It's an excellent way to improve security and to vet anyone before allowing them entrance onto your property. Using an intercom system, you can also open up your gates remotely so there's no need to go down and let anyone in.

Wired and Wireless Systems

Our selection of intercom systems in Buckinghamshire includes both wired and wireless systems. A wired system connects up the different handsets that you might use in your house or apartment using wires. A wireless system connects them wirelessly, which is ideal for larger homes. If your home is bigger, wiring the cable through different rooms isn't the most practical option. A wireless design is much more convenient, and it can be used in single-family homes or multiple occupancy sites. Although it's more expensive on the face of it, you can save money by avoiding all the cabling.

Audio and Video Intercom

You can choose between audio or video intercom systems. An audio system will allow you to have a conversation with the person at your gate, with a telephone in the home to speak to visitors. A video intercom gives you the added benefit of sight, so that you can also see who is at your gate before you let them in. This means you can be sure they are who they say they are, and even ask for them to show professional identification if needed. Other features you can benefit from include keypads, which allow for coded entrance.

Why Choose Savage Engineer Ltd?

Choose Savage Engineer Ltd if you're looking for an intercom supply and installation company with experience and knowledge. As an established company with years of experience, we know all about security gates and intercoms, and can help to secure your home or business. Find out more about our products and services by taking a look around the site or by getting in touch with us. You can call or email to discuss your needs and which of our intercom systems in Buckinghamshire might be right for you.

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