Hydraulic operators


Swing Gate Solutions

Swing gate access solutions that are quiet, discrete and smooth in operation.

We have a large range of automatic swing gate operators suitable for residential gates, light commercial or heavy, intensively operated industrial gates.

Hinged gate operators fit into two main categories: Electromechanical and Hydraulic. These are further divided into underground operators, rear mounted piston operators and crank arm operators.

The Electromechanical range of operators offers economical access control and ease of installation, whilst maintaining the reputation for quality. Our units are some of the most robust that you will find and are designed to include accessories and safety features, often only available as an added extra.

Hydraulic operators are more expensive than their electromechanical counterparts and are often used on heavier or more intensely used gates. They generate higher forces allowing them to operate gates faster, whilst still being in control of the gate travel. They can be used to operate larger and heavier gates with shock loadings being dissipated throughout the body of the operator, rather than directly onto the motor drive- shaft. Hydraulic systems will last longer than electromechanical systems as they are continuously lubricated; hence their components are subjected to reduced levels of wear and tear.

All our operators have slow down at end of travel provided by the various gate control panels; the gates are quieter in operation with increased safety because of the reduced momentum in the last 500 mm of gate travel.

Some of our operators have built in physical stops which can be used on standard sized gates, a very useful feature on sloping drives or where trip hazards need to be avoided.

Safety of operation is a high priority for all of our gate automation systems. All of the 230 V mains systems have an adjustable form of force control, either current sensing or pressure regulation. All 24 V systems rely on motor current sensing.

A patented device called a Safety Gate can be connected to each gate leaf, which measures the speed of rotation and reverses motor direction if an obstruction is encountered. This device has the same effect as fitting safety edges to both sides of the gate. Photocells, metal detectors and safety edges can also be installed and linked into the control panel to provide the best safety systems possible. 

Mini Tank 230 Volts ac Hydraulic Gate Kit.

Mini Tank
The Mini Tank is the smallest of the SEA hydraulic Gate Securitypistons. Designed for domestic gates, it is suitable for a maximum leaf length of 1800mm and can handle a duty cycle of 40 operations per hour.

Brass and stainless steel internal valves and connectors, make the Mini Tank one of the strongest domestic operators available. An oil filled bath provides continuous lubrication and rapid cooling for all moving parts, whilst a thermal overload built into the motor ensures the highest level of protection.

Adjustable safety valves protect pedestrians and vehicles, with the SEA safety gate attachment available for additional peace of mind.


Half Tank 230 Volts ac Hydraulic Gate Kit

Half Tank
The Half Tank is a hydraulic swing operator Electric Gatessuitable for commercial and light industrial use; it is able to handle opening cycles of up to 55 per hour.

With 3 pump versions to alter operating speeds and three operator lengths, it can be used for pedestrian gates or gate leaves up to 7000mm in length and 700kg in weight.

A key manual release is provided making this one of the most secure operators on the market.                                                                                                           


Full Tank 230 volts ac Hydraulic Gate Kit

Full Tank
The Full Tank is the strongest of the SEA hydraulicAutomatic Gates operators, suitable for industrial use with almost continuous operation. It can quietly and reliably handle gates with a max leaf length of 7000mm and up to 1000kg in weight.

On gate leaves in excess of 2200mm, additional security can be provided by the inclusion of electromagnetic or electromechanical locks. High security, 2000 kg force hook locks are also compatible with the Full Tank range of operators.

Twin Full Tank operators can even be used on each gate leaf, to cope with very windy situations. This allows for consistent operation needed on the most secure of industrial sites.



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