Electric Gates Buckinghamshire

Electric gates provide a modern option for any home or business to increase security while providing a convenient opening mechanism. Getting out of your car or coming outside to open your gates for yourself or someone else can be a time-consuming annoyance. As one of the leading providers of electric gates in Buckinghamshire, SEL Fencing & Gates can solve this inconvenience with the touch of a button. Our range of gates in materials including metal and wood can be installed with hydraulic or mechanical gate operators to help you keep your home or business secure. Electric gates are an ideal barrier at the end of your driveway or the line of your property.


Benefits of Electric Gates


There are some excellent reasons to choose to have automatic gates installed on your property. At SEL Fencing & Gates we believe in providing the best in electric gates in Buckinghamshire because:

Electric gates provide excellent security. They help to secure the perimeter of your property by putting you in control of who comes in and out. You can also add accessories and extras such as camera systems, intercoms, keypads, and more.

Safety is improved when you install electric gates too. If you have children or pets, or perhaps run a facility such as a care home, the use of secure gates helps to create a much safer environment.

Electric gates offer convenience when compared to manually operated gates. You can stay in your car or operate the gate from your home or office, without having to unlock it or pull it open or closed using your strength alone.

Electric gates are excellent choices for both residential and commercial use. We install electric gates in Buckinghamshire for both private and business customers.


Electric Gate Design


When you consider electric gates for your home or business, you have a range of designs and functions from which to choose. SEL Fencing & Gates offers gates in metal and wood, as well as fencing to match. You should also consider the different types of gate operator. We have both electromechanical and hydraulic operators available for anyone looking for electric gates in Buckinghamshire. Our mechanical operators can be used on swing gates, garage doors, and automatic barriers. Of course, as well as function, we also provide stylish designs for all our gates.


Intercoms and Accessories


Certain additional systems and accessories can be useful to think about when you install electric gates. If you're thinking about new gates, don't forget to consider whether an intercom or other security devices, such as keypads, card readers or high-security locks would also be useful. Our gates can also be made safer with the use of accessories like hinge guards and warning lights.


Enquire About Electric Gates in Buckinghamshire


Get in touch with SEL Fencing & Gates today to discuss installing your electric gates. Contact us via email or telephone, or use the form on our contact page. We can help you with any enquiries you have, provide a quote for gates and installation or just chat about your needs.

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